Gregory Trejo

CEO of Dreamers Academy, is one of our Spanish ambassadors. DJ/Producer since 2010, playing at the biggest electronic music festivals who got to know Trading through a collogue. Currently managing $900,000 of capital and helping over 1000 people on their Trading path.


Sebastian Rodriguez

AKA “Sensei”, has been trading for 5 years and has one of the biggest Spanish trading communities. Currently educating traders for free on his YouTube channel, “Wealthy Trades”, where he mainly focuses on trading Order Blocks.

Alex Gonzalez

Alex Gonzalez also known as Fxalexg has an incredible success story, to where he always says his success came from his First payout on a funding company where it shifted his trading 180%

Mauricio Ceballos

Our English brand Ambassador. At the age of 19 he decided to move to the US. And from being a bread delivery man he became a full time trader. Now he’s managing $1,200,000 on the Forex Market and helping thousands of people in the transition to become profitable.