In the Rocket 21 Challenge, we give you two paths to earn a virtually funded account. First is the Standard Challenge. It’s the best gateway for retail and day traders who are just starting out or who want to transition to professional trading. Then there’s the Apollo11 Challenge, which is suitable for experienced traders who are confident of their trading skills. Let’s take a quick look at each challenge, including the rules and how to qualify. Please note that you must be over 18 years old to participate in our challenges.
trading indicators you can see when doing a rocket 21 challenge
Photographer: Kirill Stytsenko

Breaking Down the Rocket 21 Standard Challenge

This is a two-step Rocket 21 Challenge. To purchase this challenge, go to our dashboard and select your virtual account size ($5,000 to $300,00) and type (swing or regular). Fill in your billing details, and you’ll be able to access the challenge within a few minutes after paying. Your challenge starts as soon as you place the first virtual trade. Simply follow these rules to earn a funded account.

Step 1 Requirements

This is considered the Challenge Stage.
  • Virtual Payout Target: 8%
  • Drawdown (Loss) Rules: 5% virtual daily drawdown (calculated on daily initial virtual balance) and 10% virtual maximum drawdown (calculated from initial virtual account balance)
  • Maximum Simulated Trading Days: Unlimited
  • Minimum Simulated Trading Days: Five
  • Leverage: 1:100
  • Weekend Holding: Not allowed for regular accounts but allowed for swing accounts.
  • News Trading: Partially restricted for regular accounts (read rules here) but allowed for swing accounts.
  • Expert Advisors: Not allowed.
  • Copy Trading: Not allowed. You can use the Rocket 21 Standard Challenge as the main account to copy trades to other accounts, but not the other way around.

Step 2 Requirements

In the Evaluation Stage, all rules remain the same as in Step 1, with one exception:
  • Virtual Payout Target: 5%

Breaking Down the Rocket 21 Apollo11 Challenge

This Rocke21 Challenge is a one-step process. Here, traders can skip the evaluation stage and go straight to becoming simulated funded Rocket Traders after passing the challenge. We designed it for seasoned traders who closely follow the markets and have a solid trading strategy. Traders can purchase the Apollo11 Challenge from our dashboard.

Step 1 Requirements

Here are the rules you must follow for the Apollo11 Challenge:
  • Virtual Payout Target: 9%
  • Daily Drawdown: 3% of your initial virtual balance subtracted from the previous day-ending balance or virtual equity (whichever is higher)
  • Overall Virtual Maximum Drawdown: 6% based on relative drawdown calculation
  • Minimum Simulated Trading Days: Three
  • Maximum Simulated Trading Days: Unlimited
  • Leverage: 1:30
  • Expert Advisors: Allowed, but you must follow some rules. Make sure that your Expert Advisor (EA) doesn’t require you to change your trading password. We prohibit account management services, arbitrage trading, and grid trading strategies when using third-party EAs. Your EA’s strategy must be unique.
  • Weekend Holding: Not allowed for regular accounts but allowed for swing accounts.
  • Simulated News Trading: Partially restricted for regular accounts (read rules here) but allowed for swing accounts.
  • Copy Trading: Not allowed. Your Rocket 21 Challenge account can be the main account you use to copy trades to other accounts, but not the other way around.

Important Things To Know Before You Start a Rocket 21 Challenge

Follow these general rules to make sure your account isn’t suspended:
  • You can merge your virtual accounts only after completing the challenge and receiving virtual funding.
  • Don’t change your account password at any time during the challenge, as you might automatically end up forfeiting the challenge.
  • Make sure you understand the simulated commission fee structure before you attempt our challenge.
  • Swing accounts are allowed weekend holding and simulated news trading. By contrast, regular accounts are not allowed weekend holding and have only partial access to simulated news trading.
  • Be careful when using a VPN service. While it’s not forbidden, it may lead to potentially malicious activity. The use of such tools will be a significant determining factor in assessing whether you’ve violated our terms and conditions.

Feeling Stuck? Ask Our Community for Help

Trading may be a solitary activity, but it doesn’t have to be isolating. Join our community on Discord to connect with fellow traders. You can ask questions, discuss strategies, and analyze potential trade setups. We also have several moderators who reply swiftly to your questions. You can post on Discord at any time during the Rocket 21 Challenge to seek clarification. We also hold regular competitions where you could win a free challenge account or other exciting prizes. It gives new traders a chance to practice their trading skills.

Propel Your Trading Career With Rocket 21

The Rocket 21 Challenges give you an opportunity to become funded swiftly. In fact, if you have a solid trading strategy, you can scale your Rocket account all the way to the moon! You may start small, but with our scaling plan, you’ll have the option to increase your simulated account balance to $2 million Are you ready to become a funded trader and unlock access to large amounts of virtual capital? Join the Rocket 21 Challenge today to get started.